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Authorized Distributors

We promote and sell our concept of collaboration between entrepreneurs for the distribution of wine. We have built and assisted those who want to start a new business but do not want to start from scratch and prefer to affiliate their business with an already established brand. In less than 7 years we have affiliated 11 new distributors with the Impero name, granting a territory in exchange for a reciprocal exclusivity on the products purchased. In the same years, we strengthened the foundations of this business, founding a new wine brand with our name.

Our sales and expansion, however, does not end only with the Impero Wine Distributors project. At the request of existing Distributors, we have also begun to share exclusivity with independents by granting well-defined territories.


  • 1 Corporate office and warehouse in Coconut Creek

  • 1 Affiliate distributors based in  Miami

  • 1 Authorized independent distributor based in Miami

  • 1 Affiliate distributor based  in Deerfield Beach

  • 1 Affiliate distributor based in  Boca Raton

  • 1 Authorized independent distributor based  St.Petersburg

  • 2 Authorized  independent distributor based in Orlando

North Carolina

  • 1 Affiliated distributor covering based in Charlotte 

South Carolina

  • 1 Affiliate distributor covering Based in Charleston


  • 1 Affiliate distributor covering the territory of

        a. Virginia - West Virginia
        b. Washington DC
        c. Pennsylvania



  • 1 Affiliate distributor


  • 1 Affiliate distributor based in Houston



  • 1 Affiliate distributor based in Boston


  • 1 Authorized independent distributor covering the Territory


  • 1 Affiliate distributor covering the Territory


  • 1 Affiliated distributor covering the Territory of San Diego

  • 1 Authorized independent distributor based in Los Angeles


  • 2 Authorized independent distributors covering the Territory



  • 1Authorized independent distributor covering the Territory 


  • 1 Authorized independent distributor covering the Territory


  • 1 Authorized independent distributor covering the Territory


  • 1 Authorized Independent Distributor covering the Territory 

Become a Distributor
Image by Jessica Sysengrath

Become a Distributor

Experience in the Wine Industry is helpful but not required. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

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